Cabobel Resort Group SA takes great care to protect your privacy and takes its legal responsibilities to protect your personal data very seriously.Here, we would like to inform you exactly what data we need, why we need it and how we collect it.If you cannot find the information you want here, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Who we are

Cabobel Resort Group SA, with its registered office at 1312 – 2110 Mindelo – São Vicente – CABO VERDE, also referred to as ‘we’ or ‘us’ in this privacy policy, is responsible for processing your personal data.
The terms ‘processing’ and ‘personal data’ are both interpreted broadly.


‘Personal data’ is understood to mean all the information we can link to an individual person, either directly or indirectly. This often means obvious data such as a name, e-mail address and phone number, but also data such as your IP address.
The term ‘processing’ covers a wide range of actions that can be carried out with or without the help of automated digital processes. Therefore, processing is understood to include the collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adjustment, alteration, requesting, consulting, usage, distribution or making available (in any way whatsoever), collation, combination, archiving, removal or definitive erasure of data.


This privacy policy applies to the personal data we collect from you through all our websites, the activities associated with this or (commercial) relationships resulting from this data or maintained using it.

Personal data

When do we ‘collect’ personal data?

We collect and process your data when you contact us, for example when you make contact through the website to ask any questions you may have or express an interest in our products or services, when you subscribe to our newsletter or register for one of the events we organise, participate in a competition, apply for a job, etc.

Why do we store your data?

  1. To keep you informed
    Informing you of interesting news, providing a better service or more relevant product offers is part of the package of services we want to offer you. To make this happen, we need insight into your preferences and interests.
  2. Marketing purposes
    By tracking the website you were on before you visited ours, what you read during your visit to the website and what information you request, we can gain better insight into what really interests you. This enables us to reach you later with relevant products and services through various advertising channels.
  3. Statistical purposes
    We also use your data for statistical purposes so that we can adjust our range and services to better suit your expectations. See also the ‘Cookies’ section further on in this privacy policy.

What data do we store?

We process data that we have obtained from you personally. You may have given us the information on the telephone, in an online form, by e-mail or during a personal conversation at one of our offices. This mainly means data such as:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your address

If we want to use the aforementioned data to send personalised newsletters (digitally or by post), we always ask for your explicit consent.
Furthermore, we also store personal data that is necessary to fulfil a contract you have entered with us, or if we have a legitimate interest in processing this data. This includes data such as:

  • Your national registration number (to enter a contract)
  • Your financial or payment data (this mainly means bank details, and in certain cases it can also mean information about loans, mortgages and credit)
  • Your professional data (position, the sector you work in)
    With a view to the ongoing improvement of our services and communication, we also store analytical data about your browsing behaviour. This is always anonymous and only used to improve the functionality and performance of our website. Examples of such analytical data include:
  • the pages you look at,
  • what you click on,
  • when you visit our website,
  • the browser you use to visit our website.

In doing so, we invoke the legitimate interest in constantly evaluating and improving our services.
If you apply for a job with us, we also process the data on your work experience and level of education.
In certain cases, your data may also be enriched with information that is publicly and openly available or with data we receive from third parties with whom we have signed a cooperation agreement. Of course, you can always object to this by sending an e-mail to


How long do we store your data?

We will continue to contact you until you withdraw your permission for us to do so, and we will not store your data for longer than necessary for the purpose for which the data has been processed.

With whom is the data shared and why?

We can pass on your data to third parties (including government bodies) if we are legally obliged to do so, if you consent to our doing so, when it is necessary to achieve one of our aforementioned goals, or if we are obliged to do so based on court decisions.

How is your data protected?

Data protection is particularly important to us, and we are committed to taking the necessary physical measures and suitable technical and organisational (precautionary) measures to protect your personal data against loss or any form of inappropriate processing.
If we work with third parties or deploy third parties to process data, we will always sign a contract with the party so that also they commit to act in accordance with the conditions of the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation.

Who has access to your data?

We limit access to your data to the employees who are strictly necessary for the processing of personal data.
Furthermore, our staff sign a staff policy obliging them to take all due care of your data (not to process it incorrectly, not to sell it, not to remove it unless requested to do so, and to avoid all other forms of inappropriate processing of your personal data).


Our websites and mobile applications use what are known as ‘cookies’. Cookies are small data or text files that are installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use a (mobile) application. Their aim is to optimise the browsing experience on our website. Cookies can recognise you if you visit our website from the same device, using the same browser. This enables us to personalise your user experience.

How long do cookies last?

Temporary cookies, also known as session cookies, are stored when you visit the website and removed again when you leave the website.
Permanent cookies remain stored on your computer, tablet or other mobile device even after you have left the website. In theory these are not automatically removed, but you can remove them yourself. Below is a summary of how to do this in the most commonly used browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

Furthermore, we always ask you which cookies we may store and which we may not when you visit our website.

Types of cookie

We distinguish between

  • Necessary cookies
  • Functional cookies
  • Statistical cookies
  • Advertising cookies
  • Social media cookies

Necessary cookies
These are cookies that are absolutely essential to the functioning of the website or mobile application. This is understood to include the following standard functions: the shopping cart, login options, navigating between pages and filling in forms. If these cookies are disabled, it is possible that certain functions of the websites will not work properly or even not work at all.

Functional cookies
These are cookies that make it easier and more pleasant to use the website and ensure that you have a more personalised browsing experience. For example, these are the cookies that remember your language preference. You cannot be identified as an individual from these cookies.

Analytical cookies
These cookies help us understand how visitors use our website. We learn from them how we can improve our website and better align it with visitors’ wishes. The data is anonymous and never used for individual analyses, only to create and analyse web statistics at an overall level.

Advertising cookies
Cookies that follow your browsing behaviour and allow us to recognise what interests you and what does not. This enables us to determine a user profile and ensure that you only receive advertisements that correspond to your personal areas of interest. You may receive the personalised advertisements on our website but also on external websites once you have left our website (remarketing).

Social media cookies
We use various integrations with social media networks on our websites (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). This is mainly to make it easier for you to share the content of our website on social media. In turn, those third parties can put cookies on our website to collect data. Please refer to the privacy statements on the websites of these parties to find out about their cookie policies. We are not responsible for how other parties handle data.

Besides our own cookies and social media cookies, you may also find other third-party cookies on our websites. These are cookies belonging to parties with whom we have a cooperation agreement. These cookies are necessary to fulfil the contract we have entered with them (for example, cookies can be used to reward partners for services rendered or for remarketing purposes, which is when we show you personalised advertisements on external websites once you have left our website). We are not responsible for the way these parties process personal data. You can always ask us which parties these are so that you can go through their cookie policy yourself


This cookie policy is subject to change. The most recent version is always available on our website.

Rights and obligations

You have the right at all times

  • to view and access a copy of your data
  • (in a structured, common and machine-readable format), to correct, erase and restrict your data
  • to object to automated decisions and profiling
  • to withdraw consent (for example to contact you in future)
  • to transferability.

If you wish to exercise these rights, you can mail the Data Protection Authority

We are committed to informing you as soon as possible if a personal data security violation occurs that leads to a data leak.


We retain the right to make unilateral changes or adjustments to this privacy statement. However, the most recent version is available at all times on our website.

All changes will be published on this page.