Welcome to Cape Verde

365 days sunshine a year 25-30°C
5.5h flight from Brussels Airport Airport on a 15 min. drive from the resort.

Welcome to Cape Verde, also known as the Cape Verde Islands. A tropical archipelago just off the west coast of Africa, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, only a 5,5 hours flight from Brussels. Cape Verde has a wonderful tropical climate and a moderate temperature of 26°C on average, making it the ideal destination for a sunny holiday, both in summer and winter.

White beaches, clear blue water and no-stress, you’ll be completely relaxed in no time. The two most famous tourist islands are Sal and Boa Vista. The locals, who partly live from the growing tourism, are friendly and hospitable. In Cape Verde, politics are stable and there are no exchange rates because of the link between the escudo – the local currency – and the euro.

The most beautiful beaches
of the Cape Verde islands

Sal counts 35.000 inhabitants and has a surface of 216 km². The Serena Bay Luxury Resort is located in the paradisal Santa Maria. Endless beaches, together with a perfect climate, provide the ultimate holiday feeling.

5% rental income
per year

guaranteed for 15 years

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At all times, we comply with the changing measures taken by the government regarding the Corona crisis.

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