Become the sole owner of your holiday home

Spending quality time with loved ones, while enjoying the benefits of a real estate investment? Buy your place under the sun at Serena Bay, the perfect holiday spot year-round that offers attractive rental possibilities.

Why own your own slice of paradise?

From spending more quality time with loved ones to enjoying the benefits of a real estate investment, the benefits of holiday home ownership (no timesharing) are endless. With your own holiday home, you can benefit from another source of income if you choose to rent out your home when you’re not using it. We’ll take care of everything. Plus, even when you’re not renting out your property you can save money. When you become the sole owner of your holiday home in Serena Bay, your expenditure when going abroad will be reduced, while you will not have to pay for any overnight hotel accommodation. Do you plan to use your holiday home at peak periods? Rather than paying high accommodation prices, you just enjoy the perks of your own holiday home. Discover all benefits now:

You are the full owner

You acquire full ownership of your selected beach house, beach villa or apartment and its accompanying plot or part of land. The purchase costs (registration and notary fees) are limited to 4%.

Rent out your home

You have the possibility to rent out your property and benefit from another source of income. And you don’t have to worry about a thing! We take care of everything.

Go on a holiday at the drop of a hat

The biggest advantage of full holiday home ownership? You can go on a holiday whenever you wish to. Book your flight and go!

Professional hotel partner

Serena Bay is maintained by a professional hospitality group which knows the market and the target group inside and out.

Become part of a luxury project

Serena Bay is situated on the beach of Santa Maria and has various types of holiday homes with unique assets.

A long-term investment that pays off

Travel to your holiday home in peak periods or let friends and family visit. Life’s a beach at Cape Verde, especially when you own your own holiday home.

Types of holiday homes and amenities

Discover the wide range of holiday homes and numerous amenities

Thanks to the different entities, you will find the holiday accommodation that suits you.
Luxury apartmentsBeach housesBeach villas
Use of on-site amenities
Outdoor pool
Swim up
Hotel service

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