Serena Bay,
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Beach houses with a bay view

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Serena Bay, beach houses

Serena Bay’s beach houses are located at the north end of the site. With views across the bay and the verdant surroundings, guests can be certain of a heavenly stay here. The swimming pool is centrally located between the holiday homes. The bistro and surrounding bars guarantee a good time.

Enjoy the ultimate holiday at Serena Bay

What’s more, at Serena Bay, you’ll never get bored. The many amenities ensure that every holiday is unforgettable. Left something at home? You’ll find everything you need in the shopping mall. Fancy doing something a bit sporty? Embrace your competitive side with a game of minigolf.

Serena Bay has its own boulevard at the centre of the site, flanked by numerous kiosks. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along this boulevard, all the way to the marina which has berths for 150 yachts. Take in the stunning view from here, or enjoy a great dinner at the far end of the pier. And it’s all wonderfully relaxed, as the whole site is car-free!

Unique assets of
Serena Bay beach houses

  • 292 beach houses
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Large communal pools
  • Poolside bistros and bars
  • Private garden on the beach
  • View across the bay

Beach houses

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